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Photographic Equipment

Your camera is your livelihood. Whether it is stolen from a shoot site or lost over the edge of the Grand Canyon, our Professional Photographers Insurance provides peace of mind.

Did you know that most photographic equipment is not covered under a standard home contents policy? There are also limits to the amount of equipment you can insure under a travel insurance policy.

The Photographic Equipment Policy offers:

Accidental loss or Damage cover

Worldwide cover

Cover whilst in transit

Hire cover following a claim

Theft cover from a premises, vehicle or whilst on location

Premium Funding monthly payment option

Cover for under 5kg drones used for commercial purposes. Optional extension and an additional premium applies.

*All applications subject to acceptance by the Underwriter

This information is of a general nature and has been prepared for information purposes only. You should consider the information in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a decision about whether to purchase this product.

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity

With third parties becoming more aware of their rights, negligence based insurance policies form an important part of your insurance needs.

They not only cover the claims costs but the subsequent legal fees involved in either defending or negotiating these matters, which are often lengthy and expensive.

Public Liability

A public liability policy provides cover for:

Injury caused by you or your employees to other people for which you are deemed negligent. This could be a simple accident such as someone falling over a tripod to a more serious injury caused to a child during a shoot.

Damage to other people’s property for which you are deemed negligent. This may be damage caused to a home you are shooting for a real estate sale, to damage caused to a commercial building.

Damage caused by you to Goods in your Care, Custody or Control for which you are deemed negligent. This could be damage to expensive glassware, clothing or other goods damaged whilst in your care, custody or control.

Products Liability. This part of the policy protects against claims of personal injury or property damage caused due to your negligence by products produced by your business

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This type of policy protects the professional photographer for loss arising out of a Breach of Professional Duty. There are a number of scenarios that could result in a professional liability claim being made against a photographer. A few of these situations could include:

Losing or damaging memory cards or film after completing a job resulting in a financial loss to the third party.

A scheduling error resulting in the shoot not taking place which then causes reshooting expenses.

*All applications subject to acceptance by the Underwriter

Studio Insurance

Photographers have different needs, which is why Business Insurance covering your Photographic Studio is another insurance option you may wish to consider.

Think about how you would manage if your stock, equipment, or even your premises were badly damaged or destroyed. Would you be able to continue running your business?

Business Insurance can be tailored to provide cover for the following:

Fire & Defined Events


Business Interruption

Replacement Glass

Money Insurance

Electronic Equipment

Public Liability

*All applications subject to acceptance by the Underwriter


Frequently asked questions

Below are the common questions customers ask us.

Professional photographers do need insurance. Ultimately it’s up to each professional photographer, studio head, or small business to decide what cover they need and what cover they can afford. Typically though, the two types of insurance most photographers will prioritise are Public Liability and Portable Equipment insurance.

This can be different for each person or business. Factors such as the number of staff, the type of clients, where you are located and your budget will affect the level of coverage your business requires.

Specialist brokers have access to products that are not necessarily available through the direct insurance market. Dealing with a specialized broker will also provide you with a more personalised service experience backed by their industry expertise.

We always recommend that you insure your photography equipment; particularly if it is a high ticket item or is your main source of income. If your livelihood heavily depends on regular usage of your photography equipment, you’ll want to invest in equipment insurance. Equipment insurance can help you replace your camera if it is stolen or damaged unintentionally.

Having Studio insurance is key to protect your premises from risks that are beyond your control. Natural disasters such as fire and storm as well as malicious damage and theft.

Studio insurance provides cover for accidental damage and can also extend to cover for loss if your business is interrupted as a result of damage
caused by insured events.

There are a number of insurance providers who offer this cover. Some have limits on the amount of time you can spend overseas and all insurers would only offer cover if you were permanently living in Australia.

Public Liability is an important cover for any business interacting with the general public. Someone could walk onto your shoot or studio and trip on a tripod, causing themselves bodily injury and damage to their property. Public Liability insurance provides cover for your legal liability should a third-party injure themselves as a result of or in connection with your business activities.

Sums insured should be reviewed at least annually because photographic equipment can fluctuate a lot. When determining sums insured you should insure for the current replacement cost from Australian suppliers where possible. At the very least, ensure you keep your receipts and have access to current retail prices.

Portable photographic equipment & Public Liability are the 2 main products that are available and then beyond that, you may also need to consider Professional Indemnity Insurance or Business Insurance if you operate from a Studio.

Insurance for Photographers

About PPIB

PPIB are a division of WSC Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd. We specialize in providing insurance to suit the needs of the Professional Photographer.


We provide individual and commercial insurances and can arrange cover on all kinds of static and portable equipment. We can also provide very competitive quotes on a range of Business Insurance packages, including Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance that offer very attractive benefits to the insured.


Monthly payment schemes are available to help preserve your cash flow. Enquiries from licensed brokers are welcome.

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What Our Clients Say

Bambi Gosbell

I've had my insurance with PPIB since November 2011 and in that time I've never had a drama. They are specific to my individual business needs and I am covered for things I never even thought of eg. Finished and unfinished client work at the studio.

I don't have to research the best deals, every year they find the best coverage and all I have to do is sign my renewal. I saved $500+ a year just by moving over to PPIB from my original insurer. And the best thing is, I am paying less and getting more coverage.

Christian Fletcher

I wouldn't trust anyone else to insure my equipment. I have a top of the range Phase One camera. Not long long after getting it, I dropped it whilst out on a shoot. I was covered and the team at PPIB made it so easy to lodge a claim. What could have been a very costly mistake turned out to be a minor hiccup. I was back shooting again with the confidence that if anything else was to happen I had the best insurance company behind me. If you are a professional or a keen enthusiast photographer, you won't find better.

Philip Kuruvita

We have been covered by PPIB since 2010 and couldn't recommend them highly enough. Over the course of the last few years I have had my fair share of misadventures - in the west coast of NZ, the depths of the Kimberley and at home in Tasmania. On each occasion PPIB as done all that's necessary to ensure that I kept shooting with minimum interruption. When I slipped into a thermal pool in the Kimberleys completely drowning my Nikon, PPIB organised a replacement to be waiting for me in Broome. That kind of service and support is exactly what we need when out shooting.